Floraison 2.5
Indian ink, pencil and acrylic on Schoellerhammer duria paper
series of 8 unique drawings labeled α ~ θ
42 x 51 cm

courtesy LMNO Gallery

Floraison 2.5 [“blooming” in French] (2021), is a series of 8 original drawings.
They are the European counterpart of  Floraison 2 (also 2021) made for Keijiban in Kanazawa, Japan.

All the drawings are unique expressions of the same mathematical settings. Their form is based on algorithms, following of a long composition process guided by principles of variation, non-repetition, broken symmetry, etc.  

These drawings are hybrid productions, partially handmade (painted areas) and partially produced with a drawing machine (ink and pencil parts). Nothing was left to chance. The selection of signs, patterns and techniques aimed at creating an ensemble of elements which progresses, tends towards complexity and then sparseness, just like a living structure taking root, developing itself and blossoming, before withering.

The tints used here cover a large chromatic range whose designation change widely according to cultures and individuals, between “blue”, “green” and “grey”. It notably refers to the fact that Japanese didn’t make a clear distinction between blue and green until mid-20th century. Even nowadays, 青 [ao] is used to describe a blue shirt or the sky as well as the green light on the road or certain vegetables.

According to its title, the series offers indeed various analogies with plant and flower variations. Yet one can also recognize constellations and stellar motifs, which refers to the artist’s focus on geometry and light since the beginning of his practice. Among other examples, Floraison 2.5 is in line with Lucca’s research on stained-glass which resulted in his work Dentelles de lumière (2018), produced at the Academia Belgica in Rome.