Mineral pigments, mineral paint, LED lights
approx 170 m²

Permanent installation
Het Huys, Brussels

Made of a wall painting and a special illumination system, Microkosmos is situated in a courtyard, outdoors. At night, a special warm-white light projected in the courtyard and on the wall transforms the visual appearance of the painting and of other objects. The effect of the light on colors creates a “magical” experience, a sort of “collective hallucination” where every spectator becomes colorblind. For example, in this courtyard, a blond beer becomes pink and a piece of lettuce seems nearly grey.

The pattern on the wall ressembles the Wave patterns series from 2016, but with 64 different colors. At night, there seems to be only two bright colors on the wall while during the day a large set of pastel nuances seem to progressively dissolve into the grey background.

The bext below contains more information about the artwork: